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Buttock After Care Instructions

  1. For one week sleep strictly on your back make sure you do not put too much pressure on the buttock area.
  2. You can also sleep with your side or in a semi-seated position.
  3. Wear your girdle night and day as indicated, remove only after 48 hours after surgery, and take a shower, then you can shower daily. Please do not remove the tapes on top of the incision.
  4. Take all your medications as prescribed, remember it is important not to take any aspirin.
  5. You can eat a normal diet, it is very important to keep regular habits and if necessary use a stool softener
  6. You should not lift or attempt to move heavy objects for 2 weeks after surgery.
  7. You should take a daily shower ,make sure to clean properly after you go to the bathroom.
  8. Please schedule a follow-up appointment 7 days after surgery.
  9. If you have drainage please make an appointment for removal 7 days after.
  10. Remember it is normal to have some pain, bruising and swelling on the operated areas after surgery, if you feel intense pain, excessive pressure, swelling or fever please contact Dr. Harris immediately at 619) 571-6125 or (664) 683-2692

If you have any question please call (619)-571-6125 or e-mail us at or