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Dysport™ is positioned to become an effective competitor for the non-invasive treatment of facial lines and angry expressions. Dr. Harris and his associate are pleased to offer this exciting new product as a treatment option for our patients.

Dr. Maas at the UCSF Facial Plastic Surgery Division and a team of expert scientists designed the clinical trials that led to the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of this Dysport™. The team participated in the clinical trials beginning in 2003 looking at the safety and effectiveness of the product over this time period with thousands of treatments and long-term follow-up of treated patients.

With this experience, there appear to be advantages over BOTOX© Cosmetic in some patients, namely slightly earlier onset of action (most patients notice improvement in 2 days) and, more importantly, in many patients, the duration of wrinkle and frown reduction can be longer.

For patients that have been treated for wrinkles with BOTOX© Cosmetic, the treatment with Dysport™ injections will be similar. In our extensive experience with Dysport™ most patients treated with the product have reported that the treatment was identical to their treatment experience with BOTOX© Cosmetic. Many patients will prefer to stay with the reliability and brand of BOTOX© Cosmetic, which has proven to be a tremendous product over time. We are pleased to offer both great products in our office and with a large experience in using Dysport™ we feel confident that patients will be pleased with their results. It is for the patient to decide.