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Face After Care Instructions

Patient Instructions following Facelift/Blefaroplasty

  1. Since you have just undergone a major surgical operation, use good common sense in the first 14 days after surgery in restricting your normal activities, exercise regimens, and any activity requiring any heavy lifting or straining
  2. You may be up and around the day after surgery, but some natural fatigue may persist for 2-3 days because of the normal effects of anesthesia and surgical procedures.
  3. When you move, stand, or change positions, do so deliberately and carefully for the first 7 days. In turning your head, move the head and shoulders deliberately as a single unit.
  4. You may eat a soft diet the day after surgery, avoid chewing. In moderation, talking and smiling are perfectly acceptable.
  5. Your head must be elevated on at least 2 pillows during sleep for the first 14 days in order to keep your head higher than your heart to facilitate the resolution of swelling. Sleep on your back or side not face down.
  6. Do not take any aspirin or Aspirin containing medication for 14 days, and then only on the advice of your personal physician. Other routinely taken medication may be taken as necessary.
  7. Any unexplained development of pain, facial swelling, or fever should be reported to Dr. Harris immediately.
  8. Some facial and neck swelling and bruising are normally present after a face lift, but the degree of each varies widely from patient to patient. Do not be concerned if you have more or less than others who have undergone the same operation. Generally most patients appear quite socially acceptable within 10-14 days after surgery.
  9. You may gently cleanse the incision lines twice daily with 3% hydrogen peroxide and cotton (Q-tips). Apply the ointment (NEOSPORIN) sparingly twice daily to the incision lines to avoid excessive crusting of the incisions and to accelerate the reduction of incision redness. Do not apply any other ointment or medications unless we prescribe it.
  10. You may gently shampoo your hair 72 hours after surgery but avoid any strong rubbing or combing trauma to the incision in the hair and around the ear. Do not blow dry for 5 days.
  11. Your earlobes and portions of the face that have been lifted, will be slightly numb for several weeks, sensation will return as healing progresses. Do not wear heavy or tight earrings for 6 weeks, avoid prolonged exposure to extremely cold temperatures.
  12. BLEFAROPLASTY you may gently cleanse the incision lines twice daily with 3% hydrogen peroxide using a cotton Q-tip.

Please schedule an appointment to remove all sutures 5-7 days after surgery.

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