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A very common procedure, the facelift, technically known as rhytidectomy, is chosen by women or men because they want to look younger.

Some patients suffer from premature aging for various reasons such as genetics, or too much lying in the sun; their facial muscles become slacker and the skin on the face becomes looser, creating folds and wrinkles.

The facelift procedure makes the face tighter and smoother by lifting up the facial skin and tissues and/or the underlying muscle. Results depend on the type of face, skin quality, and elasticity.

Real  expectations

The facelift procedure removes excess skin, resulting in partial smoothing of some wrinkles. However, it is important to know that wrinkles such as permanent perpendicular lines on the upper and lower lips, and the forehead are not removed with this procedure.

A facelift will not make you look 21 again! Also, keep in mind that such an operation cannot stop the aging process, but it can postpone its symptoms by several years.

A trusted procedure

The first facelifts were performed more than one hundred years ago and began as simple excisions of small amounts of skin near the ears and along hairlines to tighten loose facial skin.

However, in the past decades, cosmetic surgery has experienced a real boom, with new, safer techniques developed for patient satisfaction. Today, facelifts can restore and rejuvenate the face and produce a more long lasting, youthful and natural appearance with fewer signs that surgery has been performed. As per 15 years of experience Dr. Harris has learn different techniques.