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Facial Fillers

Historically, fat transferred with small needles from one area of the body to another was the only option for providing or replacing facial volume and contour associated with youth and beauty. While autologus fat transfer (FAMI) with small cannulas is a great option for some patients, there is swelling and recovery time with this technique that can be minimized using one of the available soft tissue fillers. Areas commonly treated by facial fillers include cheek bones, the hollows under the cheek bones (sunken cheeks), as well as the jaw line (chin enhancement) and temple areas that can become hollowed out with aging, particularly in thinner patients. Volume replacement with a dermal filler is a wonderful option to optimize facial contours, enhance our beauty and restore a youthful visage.

We offer a variety of Fillers depending on your specific needs and concerns. You can visit the following sites for aditional information.

  1. Artecoll:
  2. Restylane:
  3. Juvederm:
  4. Radiensse: