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Nose and Chin Procedures

The shape and size of the nose has a significant impact on the overall balance and symmetry of the face. A nose that – in the beholder’s eye- is inconsistent with the rest of the face, may sometimes result in a lack of confidence brought about by dissatisfaction with one’s appearance. Surgery of the nose requires exceptional anatomical knowledge and surgical skill as well as the eye of an artist. We specialize in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery techniques of rhinoplasty resulting in enhanced symmetry and alignment of the facial anatomy.


Cosmetic nose surgery is the surgical procedure for changing the appearance of the nose. In this procedure, incisions are placed just inside the rim of the nostrils and, occasionally, across the skin between the nostrils. The soft tissues of the nose are then carefully separated from the underlying cartilage and bone. Excess bone and cartilage are appropriately adjusted to give a balanced, harmonious appearance to the face. We always suggest to the patient the use of a Chin implant to achieve a better balance of the facial proportions.

Nose Surgery + Chin Implant

In some people, a small chin – one that recedes or is not prominent enough-can make the nose appear more prominent. Conversely, a large chin or one that protrudes can throw the rest of the face off balance. If the teeth are in proper alignment, some patients can benefit from chin enhancement procedures to reshape the chin.

Chin Reduction

Chin reduction is a procedure that removes excess bone from the chin button. A small incision is made in the fold beneath the chin and a shaping instrument is used to recontour the bone. There will be some bruising, subsiding within the first weeks, and swelling, subsiding within a few weeks. For a short time there may be some discomfort, easily controlled with medication.