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Skin Tumors

Skin tumors are the most common form of cancer. These can appear as non-healing scars or bumps on the face or neck and should be examined by a doctor. Dr. Harris works very closely with noted dermatologists in the treatment and repair of skin cancers of the face and neck as well as aesthetic facial enhancement, we always send our specimens to the Pathologist for accurate diagnosis.

Facial Scar Revision
Facial scars cannot be removed completely but their appearance can be made less noticeable and more easily camouflaged with cosmetics. The success of scar revision depends on many factors-the scar’s size, shape and location as well as patient’s age, heredity and general skin condition. Several different procedures like acne scar laser treatment or scar surgery may be used, depending on the above factors and Dr. Harris’s recommendations.

Scars are visible or noticeable for one or more of five principle reasons:

  1. location or direction of the scar
  2. width of the scar
  3. length of the scar
  4. color of the scar
  5. relationship of the scar to the surrounding skin – i.e. is the scar depressed or elevated (hypertrophic or keloid scars) relative to the surrounding skin

Dr. Harris takes an individual approach to the treatment of scars and applies the principles of scar revision to each of the reasons for their unacceptable appearance. This individual approach takes into consideration the patient’s age, location of the scar their Fitzpatrick skin type (I-VII) and the age of the scar. Keep in mind that most patients have more than one of the reasons for their particular scars to be unacceptably visible.

Another basic premise in scar revision is to remember that scar formation is the normal process for the body to heal. Any approach to making scars less visible relies on this principle of wound healing. There are many false claims that various treatments, creams or scar surgery can “make scars go away”. This is simply not true. What is true, is that we can make scars almost invisible with of one or more combinations of scar treatments.

There are excellent options to improve their appearance or significantly eliminate scar visibility.